Padua, Biblioteca del Seminario Vescovile MS 32

Edition prepared by Stephen P. McCormick

TEI encoding by Stephen P. McCormick and Leslie Zarker Morgan


second half of fourteenth century or first half of fifteenth


Written in Northern Italyin the first half of the fourteenth century


E perçò era Ugo d'Alvernia sevrie


E Dio n...

Introduction to Edition

Manuscript P (MS 32 of the Biblioteca del Seminario Vescovile di Padova) is a paper codex dated on palaegraphical grounds to between the second half of the fourteenth and the first half of the fifteenth centuries. Unlike B and T, the scribe does not include a completion date. Linguistic evidence locates the codex generally in the Veneto. Manuscript P represents a highly characteristic iteration of the Huon d'Auvergne romance epic; not only does it conserve narrative segments not present in the B-T branch, but it also presents intriguing alternative character sketches of central figures such as Ynide, Huon's wife, and Giborg, the wife of Guillaume d'Orange. In coming versions of the Huon Digital Archive Project, and in collaboration with the Seminario Vescovile of Padua, the digital edition of MS P will feature high-resolution digital scans to allow the reader to interrogate palaeographical and codicological features of the manuscript. Reading the text within the manuscript context will also allow for greater interpretative precision. As with MS T, the Italian philologist Pio Rajna transcribed the contents of P in a research notebook. In collaboration with the Marucelliana library in Florence, we will add scans of Rajna's notebook to the Huon archive, all of which will include interactive annotation features.

Padua Sample

Padua, Biblioteca del Seminario Vescovile MS 32, fol. 111r

Table of Contents

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