Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett Hamilton 337 (78 D 8)

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Laisse 2
Listen, [my] lords (may God bless you!), To my good song of great antiquity,About the son of Louis who had France under his rule;Charles Martel he was called during his lifetime.
He was a knight of very great renown;Of all the territory that he held under his rule
fol. 1Rc
He never lost a square footOwing to his pride and his bold tactics.He had vanquished many foreigners,
So many that the whole world wasUnder his rule. Even in pagan landsThey obeyed him; there was no one so bold as to refuseThe son of Louis when he sent out a command.Whenever the king sent for his barons,
Without much trouble he could assemble a host ofFive hundred thousand well-supplied, good men,Not counting the infantry with all the archers,The half of which could never be reckoned.Since the king believed himself far above others,
And greater than ever any of his ancestors,He was more arrogant and presumptuous than any of them.He despoiled everyone of their property and goods,
fol. 1Va
And shamed and dishonored many ladies.For this reason he was not loved by the people;
Rather, the people of his land hated him.