Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett Hamilton 337 (78 D 8)

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Laisse 3
Now quiet down, and hear, [my] lords,About Charles Martel, who was emperorAnd who in his time won much honor.But the more he won, the crueler yet he became;
There was no king or prince or duke or vavasour,Count or marquis or baron or noblemanWho did not serve him out of fear or out of loyalty.One day the king had a wish and desireTo see clearly the best of his men,
[To know] which one was the most daring and valiant.He took counsel with the count of Luxembourg,And furthermore with Roger, the lord of Nantes,As to how he could see them in action.They answered, "Have it announced everywhere
That there not remain behind anyone great or smallWho holds land, fief, or honor from the king,That everyone come quickly to your court at Pentecost.Let everyone bring either his daughter or his sister Or even a cousin, or let him bring, rather, his wife;
For you will find a lord for the maidens,And you will honor the married men:For you could also create numerous new knights,Dubbing many with a fine, brilliant sword.Anyone who does not come will lose your love."
"Indeed," said Charles, "I will do this without delay."So right away he called the public criers;He gave the order and they rode offTo proclaim the court called by the emperor.