Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett Hamilton 337 (78 D 8)

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Laisse 1
fol. 1Ra
In the springtime when all the fieldsAre green again, as well as the laurel trees and bushes,When all kinds of birds fall in love,And for this reason sing and make lovely sounds,
So in the same way do ladies and young menEnter gardens to seek their pleasure,All the damsels along with their young men.Each lady makes a garland of rose blossoms,Thus each takes joy in the one toward whom love drives her.
At Pentecost when the new knightDesires jousts and marvelous battles,There was in France a most cruel kingAs chronicled and told by Odinel,Who was called King Charles Martel.
He held a great court; no one has ever seen its like.But in one particular matter he acted as a felon,When he cast Huon, one of his men, out from his own lands, And sent him to find Lucifer andTo seek tribute from Hell,
Just so that he could possess noble-hearted Ynide.